In Memory of a Hero for String Quartet (2007) Duration: 20′       


  1. The moment of Sorrow  Audio
  2. The Aftermath  Audio


In Memory of a Hero is a two-movement string quartet based on a story after the death of a hero. The first movement, The Moment of Sorrow, is a funeral march, depicting the anguish of a great loss. This movement is based on an arch form (A-B-C-B-A) where the C section is a fugue based on the opening idea. The A section is in a melancholic mood that intensifies toward the end of the section. The B-section, however, is based on a Persian folk tune in a rather happy state, reminiscent of the Hero’s magnificent life. The B section is merged with the C Section (a Fugue), which intensifies toward the climax of the piece. In the midst of this chaotic climax, the B-section returns, picturing a better times. The movement comes to an end in a gentle mood by the return of the A section.

The second movement, The Aftermath, is a depiction of the wrath brought upon the tyrant as the result of his cruel act. A scherzo, the second movement is a highly chromatic and dissonant music, portraying the stormy events unfolding one after another. The trio is based on a Persian folk tune, which comes to an end with a quote from the opening of the first movement, as a remembrance of the funeral procession. The scherzo returns to bring the piece to a stormy end.