Earth Rests for SATB Choir (2010) – Duration: 3′




Earth Rests is a piece for SATB choir based on a poem by Harmony Twitchell (Mrs. Charles Ives) that describes the last days of Autumn after which the cold and dreary days of winter will approach. The music is divided into 3 sections: Intro, middle and conclusion.

The short sigh figure, in the intro, on the words “Earth Rests” sets the mood for the season and its gray colors. The middle section is more active, and depicts the flow between the two seasons. In this section the ostinato figure in the base creates a more moving accompaniment as a contrast to the static atmosphere of the intro. It is not until after the climax that a sudden change of ambiance marks the beginning of the conclusion section. It is then that the harmonic language along with the texture is shifted to a more spiritual yet stagnant sense. As the words read “Radiantly through the Fall’s bright glow he smiles and bring the peace of God” the music becomes bright in harmonies and start a progression that leads to an exuberant perfect chord on the word “God”.