Sinister Forest & Dance of Shadows for Orchestra (2011) – Duration: 7′

(2233/4331/Timpani/Percussions/Piano /Strings)



Sinister Forest and Dance of Shadows is composed in three sections: intro, slow dance, and fast dance. The intro, through a bombastic orchestral burst, sets the mood of a “sinister”-like forest, which immediately dissipates into an enticingly slow dance based on the motifs from the intro. The slow dance consists of multiple contrapuntal and melodic layers that function as a progression to an exciting and ever-growing buildup, which leads the slow dance to the fast dance. The fast dance is based on a Persian folk tune from which the building blocks of the intro and the slow dance were derived. This folkloric dance marks the primal point of the piece, which after a short digression, returns in an agitated form to bring the piece to an exuberant end.