Potter & Clay for Voice & Piano (2010) – Duration: 5′                                                                            




Potter & Clay is a short song-cycle for tenor and piano based on 3 poems by the 12th century Persian poet, Omar Khayyam. In these three songs, I have tried to capture the mystical nature of Khayyam’s poems. The piece derives its name from the subject matter of the poems in which Khayyam employs the terms potter and clay as metaphors for creator and man, respectively. The Mystical nature of these poems is captured with the somber beginning of the first song, in which the solo piano depicts the motion of the potter wheel. The second movement contrasts in mood, where Khayyam’s apprehensions of this fleeting life are pictured through tense movements in the piano and anxious quality of the voice. The third song’s grave nature brings to mind the sad ending of life. It is just before the very end, however, that the opening piano gesture of the first song returns to mark the beginning of a new creation, a fresh cycle of life.